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1. Fanart of the Month
2. June Poll Results - Future!Harry
3. July's fic rec theme: Future!Harry
4. Non-H/D Slash couple of the Month - The King And The Clown
5. Fanfiction Writer Interview Series - Teaser Questions

1. Fanart of the Month

The fanart of the month is this beautiful picture by shi_ryuu!

Shi_ryuu is 24 and is a graphic designer. She was professional for about two years and worked the convention circuit and was art director for two anime conventions, but now just free-lance illustrates when she gets the chance. She says, "Iím relatively new to the hp fandom, but I was in the LOTR fandom for several years before the movies were even thought of, and Iíve skipped around through various anime fandoms too."Please visit her site Artistic Entropy to support her and if you would like to ask for commissions.

Darkest Magic is grateful that such a talented young artist was willing draw for us for free in honour of Harry's Birthday. Thank you again, sho_ryuu!

2. June Poll Results

Thank you all of you who voted! And for your reading pleasure, our prolific fiction scout carpe_slytherin recommends these excellent Future!Harry reads:

3. Themed Fic Recs: !THEME

Harry as Hogwarts Professor won the vote!

Dance For Me Baby by golden_snitch12
Harry is a professor at Hogwarts who is bored with his life. When Ron organises a party, everything goes out of control.

Aftermath by mystwriter
Draco reflects on all the flavours of his life.

Amalgam by dacro
After Voldemort falls, Harry and Draco return to Hogwarts to teach. When a metal wand and a student with no past put the school in danger of a vampire attack, it's up to Harry and Draco, and the rest of Hogwarts staff to survive the day, save the school, solve the mystery, and get lost in sexual tensions. Like scooby doo but with Parseltongue.

What You Wish For by Emma Grant
Draco accosts Harry in the school corridors...

Transfiguration by Resonant
This classic story sees Harry returning to Hogwarts five years after Voldemort's death to help re-open the school. The school is rigged with magical mines and it turns out that he and Professor Draco Malfoy must work together to defuse them before it is too late.

Second Chances by Kishijoten
For the first time in a decade, Harry Potter crosses paths with Draco Malfoy. Both have changed a great deal but what do these changes mean to both of them and to each other?

After The War by Ariana Rookwood.
Twelve years after graduation, Harry is asked back to be the new DADA professor at Hogwarts. When he goes back, he notices a first year with a head of silver-blond hair. Altus Malfoy, Draco's son - what has happened to Draco all these years? Harry rekindles a long dormant love.

Harry as Quidditch Star was runner-up!

The Goodness of Their Hearts by Taratext
Malfoy Security Inc. is hired when Chudley Cannon's Star Seeker starts receiving threatening letters.

The Showers by Wintermoon
Two years after Hogwarts, opposing seekers on rival Quidditch teams have a steamy confrontation.

Into The Green by golden snitch
The Order has convinced Harry that Draco is walking the same line as Lucius. But is there something the Order isn't telling him?

Harry gone Dark was third!

A Darker Lie by Nitasha
Harry received his birth certificate from his mother two weeks before his birthday. He realizes the truth and begins his betrayal to the light.

A New Darkness by lilysunshine
When it is revealed that everything Harry thought was a truth about his life was a lie, what will he do? A new darkness is spreading and the world will be sorry they ever crossed the Boy-Who-Lived.

Other Categories
Harry as University Student

The Depths of Winter by Cosmic
Four years after getting out of Hogwarts, Harry lives alone in the muggle world. He has turned his back on the magical world until one day when Draco Malfoy gets into a horrific car accident before his eyes and ends up paralysed in a wheel chair.

Welcome to the Real World by IamtheLizardQueen
A Harry/Draco romance set post-hogwarts in muggle london. Features red mittens, linoleum, witty retorts, dance clubs, cooking shows strange friends, angst and love.

Harry as Auror

Moment by Moment by Thwax
Voldemort and his followers have won the war. The Dark Lord rules Britain and those who oppose him are scattered, some exile in the USA and others underground in their own country. Harry Potter is one of those for whom America has become home, that is, until his nemesis is given a promise by those who represent authroity for exiled Britons. The promise will lead Harry into more than he could have expected.

Time's Healing by Essayel & Irana Potter-Snape
Auror Harry is sent to protect Draco when he received Death threats. The two become close, but Draco can't cope with the face that he's attracted to Harry.

A Professional by charlottesometimes
Post-war Harry is surproised with a card delivered by a mystery man that reveals that not only is Draco alive, he is rentable by the hour...

It All Started At The Bookstore by Plumeria
Inspired ny BlackRose's H/D Candid Camera picture. An older Harry and Draco have been interrupted mid-- well, you'll have to read to find out, won't you?!

Harry as Embittered Social Recluse

The Words You Spoke by Serenitas
There was a day, long ago, when Draco loved Harry more than he knew. There was a day when the sun shone high when Harry turned to Draco and told him goodbye. Hermione intervenes with reluctant help of Ron to fix their lives whether they want it or not.

The Lodger by Mad Martha
Re-read this classic today! Years after Voldemort's death, a lonely and alienated Harry Potter decides to take in a lodger. The result isn't quite what he anticiated. He has more in common with his new housemate and together, they learn to look life in the face again.

Arcadia by Abaddon
After the war, there but for the grace of god go I.

Evitar by Sophi K Werkers
Thirteen years later, Draco finally finds Harry.

Harry as House Husband

Despair and Joy by Loui
After a miscarriage, Harry and Draco are anxious about his second pregnancy. Toothache from sweetness alert.

Scandalous Muggle Profession

The Man Behind The Mask by Serenitas
Who would have thought Potter hid behind a mask. This is the Slytherin darkness in him.

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy by knightmare
Draco and Harry have both run away from the magical world and wind up getting jobs at the same... strip joint. MPREG, Lucius conversion, extreme gayness etc.

A Place In The Dirt by Aurora Enkeli Medeis
Voldemort was defeated but that didn't stop his Death Eaters continuing his noble work. No where is safe, thousands flee ir face feath and enslavement, Harry Potter has fled, but he didn't plan on prostitution. He didn't plan on meeting someone from his past. He didn't plan to die. Character death warning.

Working With Exotic Magic

That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles by Stray
Draco writes genuine fortunes for Chinese fortune cookines. Harry is an exoricist charged with handling Severus Snape, who is a snarky, irritating git even after death.

Regular Muggle Profession

Love Prevails by Loui
Harry, now living as J P Black and modelling in the muggle world is hired for a photo shoot with the wizarding world's hottest male model, Draco Malfoy.

Days Before by Rae
Harry isn't feeling all sunshine and roses...

Grey by ShivaniBlue
After the war Harry begins a new life, hidden in plain sight.

A Moment In Time by Shadow Bandit
During HIs Seventh Year, Harry learns that his life can change forever in a single moment in time.

The Innter-Workings of Coincidence by Marks
Harry Leaves the wizarding world behind after a forced exodus of the Death Eater's children. Five years pass.

Just This? by blue
Things change and, 3 years after Hogwarts, Harry Potter is no more our Golden Boy, but an appreciated muggle writer. And one night he meets somebody from his past...

4. Non-H/D Slash Couple of the Month

Gong Gil/Yeonsan/Jan-Saeung

The King And The Clown is the number 1 grossing Korean movie of all time in Korea. I was fortunate enough to catch this wonderful movie in June in my increasingly liberal local cinemas. I HAVE to strongly encourage anyone interested in gay-themed films to check this one out. In the tradition of excellent Asian homo-erotic offerings like Farewell My Concubine , this is another strong and emotive movie about love between men. In this case, a beautiful cross-dressing male clown Gong Gil falls in love with the last king of the Korean Chosun dynasty, King Yeonsan. King Yeonsan on his part returns Gong Gil's affection to the point of obsession, even enobling the beautiful young man. His fellow acrobat and troupe-mate, Jang Saeng, tries in vain to avert inevitable disaster in this doomed relationship.

I loved this movie so much. I was rapt in the theatre. Gong Gil is played by the beautiful youth Lee Joon Ki who looks like this in his role:

And like this in real life:

5. Fanfiction Writer Interview Series

Clue 1:Who has a real thing for threesomes although she's only written six fics in HP with that kind of combination?
Clue 2:Who has her own Slytherin Quidditch uniform with pads made out of an old leather jacket when helping to do a photo session for the Twins and Mathew Lewis at a convention (yep really sad ::g::)

Can you guess who she is? Go here to read the interview!

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